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Investigating allegations of workplace misconduct can be a lengthy, difficult and sometimes daunting task. Even if you’re an experienced HR professional, it’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t perform investigations regularly.


After ten years and hundreds of investigations across Australia, the team at Q Workplace Solutions have a depth of experience to share with you. Learn from our team of legally trained and experienced workplace investigators. Our workplace investigations training will give you the practical skills to ensure your workplace investigation process is fair, comprehensive and will withstand legal scrutiny.

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Our workshops take you through the stages of a workplace investigation, from initial consideration and planning to gathering evidence, interviewing, analysing evidence and making findings.

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Work with us to develop a course tailored for your organisation, using your policies, relevant case studies and industry-specific terminology.

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Get access to all the up-to-date tools and materials you need to carry out effective workplace investigations.

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Major law firms, public sector organisations and private businesses across a range of industries trust our team to conduct expert investigations.

Workplace Investigations: Principles and Practice

Own the essential guide for HR professionals, employment lawyers and workplace investigators. Edited by Paula Hoctor and Michael Robertson.
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